• Extreme Quality

    Our 3 megapixel IP camera is capable of display, recording, and transmitting video up to 2048x1536 at up to 10 frames per second. With that many pixels, much finer details can be recorded compared to traditional cameras. What does 3 Megapixel really mean?

  • Smartphone Ready

    An application is now available for the Android which lets you view the video from up to 4 IP cameras at once and digitally zoom in and examine the picture. A recently added feature enables you to play back recorded video files from the IP camera's storage. (See an example)

    Download it now from the Android Market Download it now from the iPhone/iPad App Store Download it now from the Blackberry App World
  • Easy Operation

    The IP camera requires only a single Cat5 cable to power the camera and to connect it to a network, greatly simplifying installation.

  • Day & Night Operation

    Unlike traditional cameras, our IP camera provides a night mode which increases the exposure time when capturing video. This yields higher quality images without the use of extra illumination (tradiational cameras rely on IR illumination which often shows in B/W).

  • Extended Field of View

    Extended field of view ensures that objects both near and far remain focused, an essential feature for object identifications. This feature works well with different types of lens with different focal lengths as well as fisheye lens for 360 degree views.

  • H.264 and MJPEG Codec

    Independent hardware codecs optimize operation. While H.264 is ideal for high quality video transmission in limitted bandwidth environment and MJPEG allows high quality frame by frame storage ideal for object identifications.

  • 3 Axis Lens Adjustment

    The sensor and lens can easily be adjusted in 3 axis similar to a box camera mounted onto a camera mount to provide the right angle and the right amount of tilt desired.