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Video Catcher is a video capture card that can be used by installation into a computer.  Recording and display speed is optimized with the latest compression techniques. It can be used as a:
Video Multiplexer
Digital Time Lapse Recorder
Alarm Monitor
Video Motion Detector
Remote Video Monitor

General Features:

  • Supports multiple levels of password and user name management.
  • Window lock
  • Video Input: composite B/W and color video input
  • Support NTSC or PAL format

Video Display:

  • Displays live or recorded videos in single/video group.
  • Full screen display for server and remote
  • Individual labeling of video windows (caption input)
  • Displays video in the same resolution as the recorded resolution (or can be zoomed in for more details.)
  • Video Image Control: Video brightness, contrast, hue & saturation control for individual camera.

Video Recording:

  • Simultaneous Recording/Display: Record/display from all video sources simultaneously.
  • Recording Mode: Available in modes of continuous recording, scheduled recording, motion detection, alarm recording (alarm adapter required). Selectable video input and recording speed.
  • Efficient and Flexible Video Storage: Selectable destination drive for video storage, includes remote storage. Starts overwriting oldest files when hard drive is full. Alarmrecord mode and motion detection allows recording only when alarm is triggered to save storage space. Video files are transferable to other storage media such as HDD, CD-R, DVD,  ZIP and MO.
  • Selectable Area Motion Detection: on single/all inputs and for scheduled recording.
  • Labeled recording: Each video source is individually labeled and recorded with a time stamp for easy retrieval.
  • Minimal frame size at approximately 2 KB per frame to save storage space
  • Alarm motion detection is on all inputs, activated by pixel change or gray scale. (Alarm adapter required)
  • Alarm recording includes: Pre-alarm recording up to 50 frames before alarm triggering can be stored; recorded for each of the video input, duration and post alarm recording. (Alarm adapter required)

Video Playback:

  • Displays recorded videos in single/video group.
  • Playback  of recorded video one source at a time or in group modes
  • Playback of recorded video at adjustable speeds or frame by frame
  • Single snapshot can be captured for file transfer or printing
  • Recorded video searchable by date, motion or alarm
  • Video Extraction: Allows extraction into short video clips

Remote Monitoring:

  • Remote video monitoring and recording via  internet
  • Remote playback: access recorded videos stored in the hard disk of the serving computer.
  • Remote Control: allows remote control of functions such as image quality, resolution, frame rate, and compression rate at server.
  • Alert/notification: When one of the alarm input is triggered, live or recorded videos can be sent to another computer anywhere around the world.
  • Multiple site monitoring
  • Custom web setup for Web broadcasting and viewing.


  • Connection and Event log
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • Audio as option or standard, depend on model
  • Customizable web pages for web broadcasting
  • Small size and low power consumption

Video Catcher Card Series:

Video Catcher Full Speed Series:
4/8/16 channels, 30 fps display and record each channel
Resolution: 320x240, 640x240, 720x480 (Display and record)
Automatic reboot on recording error
Selectable channel permission
TV out all channels simultaneously



Video Catcher High Speed 400-Series
4/8/16 channels, 120 fps display & recording
Resolution: 320x240, 640x240 display & recording
Auto detect video loss


Video Catcher Elite Series
4/16 channels, 30 fps display & recording
30 frame/second per card
Resolution: 320x240 (Display and record)
Scalable individual window
Low cost





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