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Megapixel Cameras for Video Recorder / Server



The most important feature of these Megapixel cameras is the superb video quality. Megapixel technology allows more clear video through the provision of higher resolution. Cameras with wide dynamic range produces excellent video qualities under varying light conditions. There are many ways to use these cameras when integrated with our Mega Pixel Video Recorder or Server. It definitely will work the best.

These Megapixel cameras can be used for CCTV surveillance, monitoring, investigation, observation, license plate recognition, animal studies, project monitoring and the list is long.

Easy to Connect:
Simply use CAT5, CAT5e or CAT 6 to plug and play.
Consume Low Power:
Power consumed is about 1000mW.
Choices of Sensors:
There are two sensors to choose from:
PP1150 series - 1.5 Mega pixel 
1M_WDR series - 1 Mega pixel in wide dynamic range

Wide Dynamic Mode:

1M pixel Wide Dynamic Range Sensor with special Night mode ensures always clear and sharp videos day and night and always in full color under any lighting conditions.

Many Housing Styles to Choose From:

Camera sensors can be installed in many housings from very small pinhole to large vandal dome:
Bullet Camera
Approx.35mm X 50mm
Comes with metal stand
Board Camera
Approx.32mm X 33mm


Box Camera
Approx. 50mm X 65mm
Comes with metal stand

Can be used outdoor


Zoom Camera
Approx.64mm X105mm
Comes with metal stand


Dome Camera
Approx. 106mm diameter
Saucer Camera
Approx. 50mm diameter


Vandal Dome Camera
Approx. 150mm diameter


Pin-hole Camera
Fits inside 1 inch square tube

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