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Low Cost USB Video Capture Device


USB DVR SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM (4 CHANNEL) is the safety system of ideal design for home/office/shop guard or baby care purpose; users can do their own security by easy installation. It is the cost-effective solution to replace commercial VCR tape recorder, which also supports stable digitize video record and easy manages the recorded data via index of date and time. That’s it, makes your life more safety and easier.

Key Features

  • Surveillance Security Setup DIY (Do it yourself)

  • Easy to use

  • Real time remote monitoring

  • Alarm notification by e-mail or mobile phone (The mobile phone need receive mail function)

  • Dynamic IP acceptable

  • Internet security remote control

  • Image Compression Format: MPEG 4

  • Dynamic mask on motion-detection area of multi-camera (one ~ four)

  • Can backup to the HD, CD-RW or DVD-RAM

  • Can Record audio (one channel)

  • Remote monitoring service center

  • Detection Sensitivity adjustment

  • Instant alarm notification

  • Recyclable over ride of hard disk space on FIFO (First-in-First out)


  • Recording Mode: 24H Recycle recording (Schedule recording)

  • Multi-task Functional: Monitoring, Recording, Motion detection, and Remote transmission are all-function at the same time

  • Backup Function: Backup image files via HDD, DVD-RAM, or CD-RW

  • Motion Detection: Easy recognition and recording of moving objects

  • Manually adjust unlimited motion detection areas

  • Alarm Feature: Local: Warning sounds

  • Email: Sending the alarm event’s picture through Internet

  • Recording Format: ASF (advance stream format); WMV

  • Compression Technology: MPEG-4

  • Image Adjustment: Enable adjusts brightness, contract, hue, and saturation of each camera

  • Authority Control: Access control for total security operation through multi-level passwords

  • Networking Capabilities: Enable integrated access via ISDN, LAN, ADSL and Internet

  • Remote Monitoring: Support remote monitoring via both Dynamic and Static IP

System Requirements

  • USB: Compliant USB V1.1 / 2.0 free port

  • OS: Windows 98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP (slow down using Win98/98SE, excellent for XP)

  • CPU: Pentium 4 and above

  • Memory: 128MB or more (Recommend 256MB DDR or more)

  • Graphics: PCI/AGP bus with 16MB graphic memory or more

XGA 1024×768@24bit color or higher

Microsoft Direct X 8.0 or higher version

  • Audio: Full-duplex sound card or integrated chip

  • Hard Disk: 20GB or above for image storage

  • Backup Storage: CD-RW W24X or above; DVD-RAM/RW

  • LAN: 10/100 BASE-TX Ethernet card or integrated chip

Package Contents

  • USB 1.1 4 Channel Video Adapter X 1

  • CD-Rom (include driver & DVR/Remote Surveillance software) X 1

Ordering Information

Product Name: USB Video Capture Device

Product Code: VC USB4










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