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Megapixel Recorder
Megapixel cameras



The Megapixel Network Video System is composed of a megapixel video recorder or server and up to two cameras with megapixel video quality. Two systems are available. The megapixel video recorder is the one that have stores video footages  internally in the megapixel video recorder. The megapixel video server is using an external hard drives or raid hard drive storing video footage further away from the megapixel video server.  In addition, we offer high quality Megapixel camera with wide dynamic range. A megapixel camera with thermal detection capability is also available. These systems are perfect for security, surveillance and monitoring use.

The Background:

Pixel Count is simply multiplying the number of horizontal pixels by the number of vertical pixels. It's exactly like calculating area. A standard  CCTV camera WITH 540TVL provides about 400,000 pixels. Advanced  technology has improved CCTV cameras to High Definition or higher Megapixel Cameras. Hence a 1 Megapixel camera gives an image about 2.5 times more pixels than a camera of 540TVL. Capturing at higher resolutions allows better viewing, both for quality and quantity (area). These cameras comes in IP/Network cameras and USB plug and play cameras:

The Products:

Mega Pixel Camera with Thermal Detection

Comes in 1 Megapixel camera
Available with Wide dynamic range lens
Motion or thermal detection for recording or alert

Megapixel  Network Video Recorder

Built in hard drive for video storage
Works with our Megapixel camera
Use as network IP system on its own
Minimize network overloading

Megapixel Network Video Server

Uses hard drive in distant location
Works with our Megapixel camera
Uses as network IP system on its own
Minimize network overloading



Mega Pixel Camera for Megapixel Video Server or Recorder

1.0 or 1.5 Mega pixel digital color camera
Network or POE connection
Comes in dome shape, tube, bullet, pinhole, vandal proof


High Definition Digital USB Camera

2 Mega pixel (High Definition) digital color camera
Display, record and transmit at High Definition
1600x1200 (2 Mega pixel)
Auto focus, low lux
connects through USB port
Transmit video using CAT5,CAT5e or CAT6
Operates to 300 ft. without separate power supply
Small size



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