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This megapixel video server or megapixel viedo recorder offers high quality video, high resolution, smooth recording, easy installation and operation. One will find it ideal to be used for security and surveillance for locations such as construction sites, homes, schools, banks, study laboratory, restaurants and mobile vehicles etc.

High Lights:

  • Easy Installation: Just plug in the supplied power adaptor and connect the cameras using a standard LAN/CAT5 cable
  • Maintenance Free: No moving parts to stay out door; use only reliable & long lasting components. Will automatically resumes original operation within 15 sec. after black out if no UPS is installed.
  • Reliable: Special hardware detects brown-outs conditions to disable disk writes to hard drives when power is not stable to prevent hard drive damages.
  • Low Power Consumption: System with 2 cameras and a 500GB hard drive consumes ~8 watt (powered from 1 CAT5e cable)
  • Always Smooth Video Playback: Local recording does not consume any system bandwidth available that can cause jerky videos.

Other Features:

  • High Resolution: Supports up to two cameras of 1.0Mp (mega pixel) and 1.5M  (see other brochure for cameras)
  • The system: The system works like a standalone video recorder. It makes up with an IP camera and a video server as one unit. There is an option for recording by the video server.
  • Recording: unlike conventional IP camera which usually sends video to a computer on the network for recording. Our Megapixel Video System (MV2A) records either on the video recorder provided or externally on a disk array.
  • Long Distance Connection: Video Server/Recorder can be placed close to the camera or as far as 170ft. The video server/recorder is then connected to router as far as 300 ft.
  • Quiet: no fan noise that intruder is unaware of.
  • High Resolution: as high as 2032x 1536 pixel recording depends on model
  • Push Notification: Instant alarm to your Smartphone including snapshots for Android phone
  • Digital zoom with video playback
  • Motion Detection: User defined area for recording to extend the length of recording before overwriting
  • Smartphone: viewable using Android, iPhone, iPad, Playbook apps

Versatile Setup:

The Mega pixel video can be used as an IP camera, a standalone DVR, and multiple recorders can be added onto a network system that uses IP or conventional analog system.

  • As IP camera: connects the video server directly to a router and view live video streaming through network or internet.
  • As Standalone DVR: the video recorder does not need to be host from a PC, recording can be done internally on the recorder or the use of a USB hard drive. Live video can also be streamed to the internet through a router.
  • As Integrated System: multiple units of server/recorder can be connected to a router/switch and can be used like a regular IP network or System network.

Product Code:

  • MV2A0 - Mp Video Server, no internal storage
  • MV2A1 - Mp Video Recorder with internal hard drive torage interface




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