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3 Megapixel IP (Network) Camera /Recorder

This IP camera is also know as network cameras. It makes use of the internet protocols or network for streaming video. Video can be viewed using an internet browser, or special management application on a computer, or through a 3G iPone or android phone. Other than viewing remotely, the IP cameras can be recorded or controlled remotely at anywhere in the world.

The most important feature of these 3 Megapixel IP cameras is the superb video quality. Megapixel  technology allows more clear video through the provision of higher resolution.

These 3M IP camera can be used for CCTV surveillance, inspection, observation, license plate recognition, animal studies, project monitoring ....  Through OEM integration and/or customization, the application is unlimited.

Megapixel Camera & Recorder
2032x1536 pixels @up to 10 f/s
Remote 3G Cell phone monitoring
Vandal Proof dome Recorder

360 degree lens optional

Megapixel Bullet



Megapixel Zoom Bullet

Megapixel Pin Hole Camera/Recorder


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iPhone compatible                                 Android/ Google Phone compatible






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