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PTZ Cameras


Products below has a huge price reduction for inventory clearance. The quality is no different from what was originally released. However, warranty maybe limited and varies among each product. Extended warranty may be available for some products. Please contact us for the products interested. 


High Definition or Megapixel Cameras:
  • USB High Definition Recordable  Cameras
  • Low Cost USB (USB4) Video Device
PC Based Video Capture Cards:
The following products allow you the convenience of storing image files onto a hard drive of a personal computer. This product line includes:

  • Video Catcher High Speed C-Series (sold out)
  • Video Catcher Elite and Elite Plus
  • Video Catcher 16
  • Video Catcher 4P (sold out)

Digital Video Recorder (Standalone) and Multiplexer:

  • Standalone DVR
  • Standalone DVR and Multiplexer

updated: November 02, 2015


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